Shared Server

Content Management System

A CMS is a tool that helps facilitate the process of creating, posting, organizing, and managing the content of a site. If you have information but are not able to efficiently impart it to anyone then you may as well not have the information at all. Hudge offers online database-driven content management solutions that will allow you to automate business processes and effectively manage your website data without the nee for technical expertise.

Custom Content Management Systems

Hudge can develop a CMS built for your specific needs. A custom CMS allows you to simplify your administration process by providing only the functionality you need. It also allows you to add robust features thatare not available in out-of-the-box software packages


Shared Server


Hudge specializes in e-commerce and data distribution. Small order forms to large, multi-product shopping carts can be easily implemented within your site allowing secure online purchasing and data downloading to be handled quickly and efficiently. Even if retail sales aren't a part of your business, we can build an e-business solution to distribute product information, business forms, data files... whatever information you need to provide to your distributors, suppliers, sales force or anyone within your organization. Using the Internet to conduct business means much more to us than simply selling widgets. It is truly an essential means of communication and distribution within a company or between companies in today's marketplace.

Virtual Private Network


Online contests are a great way to reach out to new clients and customers.  Whether your Sweepstakes objectives are to increase Website traffic or to kick-start a Website launch, Hudge can provide the additional boost to successfully meet your goals. Hudge Design can create an online reporting site where clients can easily login and see up to the minute statistics on entries, winners, opened emails and email bounces. Administrators are able to view stats for overall, monthly, weekly, daily or specific time ranges.

Dedicated Server


Put your brand and products in motion with animation and custom sound, and move your customers as well. Interactive design refers to any sort of web design that provides immediate feedback to the user, usually in the form of Flash. Interactive design engages website visitors with elements like games, interactive maps and photo galleries. Hudge has a team of in-house Flash designers and developers which can create a Flash movie, effect or Flash application for your website. Using new tools like sIFR, Hudge can help you implement Flash-based typography (fonts) and cool effects without losing search engine visibility. Hudge will work with you to help make the best use of Flash without sacrificing your position in the search engine results pages.