Materials for Signs

Foamcore - 3/16" White or Black

48x96 max size

One of our most commonly used substrates and one of the most economical. Paper casing on both sides of an open cell foam interior makes Foamcore a light-weight and fairly sturdy board. Excellent for posters going into a frame or for short term display use. Can dent and warp.

Gatorboard - 3/16" or 1/2" White or Black

3/16" = 60x120 max
1/2" = 48x96 max

The most durable choice for foam boards. Gatorboard is light-weight and very durable. A hard shell casing and dense foam interior make it much less likely to dent or warp than Foamcore.

Jetmount - 1/4" White or Black

60x96 max size

Jetmount is very similar to Foamcore, but is thicker and more durable. The thicker paper casing and foam interior make it less likely to dent or warp than Foamcore.

Coroplast - 4mm White Only

48x96 max size

Coroplast is a 4mm thick sheet of corrugated plastic. It works well with adhesive-backed vinyl material. This option is a good choice for outdoor use. It is most commonly used with wire H stakes as yard signs.

Sintra - 1/8" or 1/4" White or Black

48x96 max size

Sintra is a very durable, solid PVC plastic board. It is heavier and more flexible than foam boards. A good choice for outdoor use.

Styrene - .060 White Only

48x96 max size

Styrene is a thin but durable polystyrene plastic. Excellent choice for point of purchase displays. Good for displays that get knocked around, such as a coffee shop counter or restaurant table. Good for outdoor use.

Plexiglass - 1/8" Color N/A

48x96 max size

Plexiglass is a thick, clear acrylic. To be used in conjunction with backlit poster material as a light box panel.

Lexan - 15 mil Color N/A

60" max width x any length

Lexan is the most durable type of lamination. It's thickness and durability give it the ability to be classified as a mounting option or a lamination option. Lexan is popular for trade show graphics due to its scratch-proof satin finish and it's reputation for durability. Rolls for easy shipping. And did we mention it's durable?

Chipboard - 50 pt Color N/A

26x38 max size

Chipboard is a thin, pressed carboard with a grey back. It is similar to the back of a legal pad. Most commonly used for counter top displays with an easel.

MatBoard - 50 pt Black Only

32x40 max size

LetraMax "Super Black" MatBoard is a high quality paper matboard. It is black on both sides and has a black core. Good for portfolio layouts and high quality counter cards.