Laminates for Signs

Finishing Options for Signs, Posters, and Banners

It is highly recommended that the poster prints be laminated and/or mounted to protect their surface. Use care when handling or displaying posters (Indoor Photobase and Indoor Artist Canvas materials are printed with water-soluable inks and should be handled with care). Poster prints and banners are delivered in tubes (unless they are mounted). Additional shipping charges, determined by poster size, weight, shipping choice, etc. will apply for mounted posters. Note: the mounting and laminating choices below are for all poster options except Outdoor Banners.

3 mil Front and Back Gloss or Matte

60" max width

3 mil lamination is lightweight and easy to roll.

5 mil Front and Back Gloss or Matte

54" max width

5 mil lamination is medium weight and easy to roll.

10 mil Front and Back Gloss Only

54" max width

10 mil lamination is a heavier lamination. Very durable yet still has the ability to be rolled.

Lexan (15 mil) Front Only Finish N/A

60" max width

Lexan is the most durable type of lamination. It's thickness and durability give it the ability to be classified as a mounting option or a lamination option. Lexan is popular for trade show graphics due to its scratch-proof satin finish and it's reputation for durability. (Gloss or matte finish is N/A to Lexan) Rolls for easy shipping. And did we mention it's durable?

1.7 mil Write On/3 mil Gloss Only

48" max width

1.7 mil Write On/Wipe Off on the Front with a 3 mil back. This laminate is for use with dry erase markers. The marker wipes off quickly and easily without rubbing.

Flush Trim (2 sides)

Lamination extends to the edge of the paper. Gives a clean look but does have an exposed edge which is not as durable as sealed edges. Available for 3 mil and 5 mil.

Sealed Edges (2 sides)

A 1/8" sealed edge encapsulates the paper. Protects from moisture and ensures the paper does not fray from heavy use. Available for 3 mil, 5 mil, and 10 mil.