Our Process

Over the years, we have developed a simple and flexible process that we will freely adapt to fit your needs. Our approach breaks down into 4 broad phases: Learn, Design, Build and Measure.


In the Learning phase, we immerse ourselves in gaining a full understanding of your organization and the opportunities and challenges you face. This understanding forms the foundation for the strategies we create in the subsequent section. This understanding is achieved via 3 thorough "audits": Organization, Creative and Technology. In each of these we ask probing questions that help define the situation facing us.


Drawing extensively on the results of our audits, we then design the three strategies (Project, Visual and Technology) that will make this initiative a success.

  • Project Strategy lays the foundation for all subsequent decisions. It's the big picture (success metrics, stakeholders, budget, timing, and workflow.)
  • Visual Strategy includes identity development, information architecture, interface design and functional specification.
  • Technology Strategy details the technologies that will enable us to meet our project strategy objectives. This includes hosting, infrastructure and technical specification.


In this stage our strategies all take on physical form. Page production begins, while datamodelling and module programming proceed on a separate track. Finally, the UI and the programming come together and rigorous testing begins in an environment that mirrors that of our live server.


Finally, we're ready. After receiving your approval we will launch our finished project out into the world. As people interact with it, the questions "how did we do" and "what can we do to improve it" begin to be answered immediately. This continuing attention launches a new Learn phase and insures that the project will keep growing and evolving to meet your needs.